Timberwolf Trot

Have the kids put on their running shoes...
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The Timberwolf Trot is Friday, October 18, 2019!

On the day of the Timberwolf Trot, students will walk around the school for up to 30 minutes in an effort to raise money for our school while also promoting fitness for all students.
This event is our “BIG” fundraiser for the year! We are hoping the Fun Run will continue be a financial success for the Home and School Association, which provides the funds for many of the events Inglewood students and their families enjoy throughout the school year such as assemblies, field trips, the Welcome Back Autumn Festival and all of our other family events. Home and School also provides funds for chorus, band, orchestra, music, reading support, gifted support, the library, and purchases supplies and decorations for the classrooms. Home and School can’t continue to fund all of these programs and activities without your help.
See Related Files below for forms and more information.


In order to make our Timberwolf Trot successful, we need volunteers! We need people to be on the field to guide the walkers as well as to walk with classes. See the schedule below to see when your children will be walking. Please remember that in order to volunteer, your clearances must be on file with the District. Click the link below to sign up!

Timberwolf Trot Volunteer SignUpOpening in a new window


Donate Online!

​We are accepting online donations via PayPal! This is a great way for out-of-town friends and family to participate! Click below to donate!
  • In order for your child(ren) to receive credit for a donation, you MUST specify your child(ren)'s last name and grade(s).
  • If you have multiple children at Inglewood, enter all names and grades. The donation will be split evenly between them.
  • Look for prompt that reads "Add a note" to enter your information. See the screenshot below.
PayPal screenshot

10:00-10:30 6th Grade
11:00-11:30 4th Grade
11:30-12:00 Kindergarten
12:00-12:30 2nd Grade
12:30-1:00 5th Grade
1:30-2:00 1st Grade
2:00-2:30 3rd Grade
Related Files

Parent LetterOpening in a new window - Read a full explanation of the Timberwolf Trot.
IncentivesOpening in a new window - View the prizes students can win for participating.  Get your friends involved!
Donation LetterOpening in a new window - Send a copy of this letter to request donations from your family and friends.
SneakerOpening in a new window - Did your child receive a donation?  Have him/her color and cut out this sneaker for the school display!
Thank You LetterOpening in a new window - Have your child use this letter to thank those who donated.