Frequently Used Forms

Backpack Flyer Submission Form - Use this Google Form to upload your backpack flyer for approval. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Cash Box Form - If you need a cash box with seed money for your event, complete this form and place it in the H&S mailbox in the main office, Attn: Treasurer. Form is due at least ONE WEEK prior to your event.

Chairperson Guidelines - This packet provides pertinent information for planning any Home & School event, including finances, publicity, custodial needs, volunteers, supplies, and post-event follow-up.

Online Check Request Form - Please use this Google form to submit your check request.

Check Request Form - This form must be filled out by any individual requesting reimbursement for a Home & School expense. The form must be accompanied by all necessary receipts or invoices. All expenses should;be totaled;and;included on the form. The form should then be placed in the H&S mailbox in the main office, Attn: Treasurer.

Custodial Event Form - Use this form to notify the custodial staff of the setup required for your event. Complete one or more of the maps below to show the layout of tables and chairs needed. Form is due to the head custodian at least THREE WEEKS prior to your event.

Event Summary Form - Please complete this form after your event and place it in the H&S mailbox in the main office, Attn: Recording Secretary.

Inglewood Scholarship Donation Form - Use this form to make a donation to the Inglewood Scholarship in honor of a special faculty member.

Tax Exempt Form - If you are making purchases for a Home & School event, please use the tax exempt form. That 6% savings adds up! Contact the Treasurer ( to obtain a copy.

WAWA Hoagie Coupon Order Form - Order hoagie coupons at any time by completing this form and sending it to school with a check payable to Inglewood H&S. We will send the coupons home with your student.