Personal Safety

Personal Safety

As a community, we have worked hard to teach children about safety. It is important to remember safety in regards to technology. Below you will find tips to keep your children technologically safe.

  • Keep the computer in an open location like the kitchen or family room. It is never a good idea to have a computer in a bedroom. You would never allow children you don't know to be unsupervised in your child's bedroom...not to mention strangers!

  • Monitor the files that have been downloaded.

  • Consider parental controls and privacy settings.

  • Know the lingo: ASL (age, sex, location), BRB (be right back), POS (parents over shoulder), PIR (parents in room). Visit for more information.

  • Tell your children you will not be upset with them if they accidentally stumble upon an inappropriate website. Let them know it's OKAY to tell you. A child might be doing a research project and accidentally come across an inappropriate website.

  • Never give any personal information such as last name, school, town, date of birth, post pictures that detail local sports teams, etc. This information can be easily used to locate a person. You never know who is looking.

  • Never reply to an instant message, email, or friendship request if you don't know the person. Children are curious, so they reply. This is an easy and dangerous way to get hooked into talking with someone they do not know.

  • Talk to your children about what they say in emails, instant messages, and texting. It is easy to say too much and to say things online or through texting that you would never say in person. Also teach children not to argue with friends or talk badly about people online or through texting. Conversations can be forwarded to other people.

  • Harassment online and through texting is illegal. Never respond when a person harasses you. Save and print out the entire conversation and bring it to the police. While police can recover most information, it is easier if you save and print it. You are welcome to inform the school in addition to the police, but it is imperative that you call the police.

  • Do not let children sleep with cell phones in their room. Before children go to bed, make them hand you the phone.

  • If your children post anything, make sure it is approved by you. Videos and photographs can be saved and circulated.

  • Be cognizant; if you child is gaming online be mindful of who they are playing. You never know if your child is playing and communicating with another child or a stranger.

  • A good rule for your children to follow - if you would be embarrassed if your parents, grandparents, or teacher saw something you texted, emailed, or posted you should not be doing it.

Technology is a wonderful asset, but it can also be very dangerous. It is important that we work together to help children navigate technology in a safe manner. It is impossible to watch children every second; however, it is important that we provide them with the appropriate tools to stay safe in this technological world. If you would like more information you can contact me at school or you can visit